We are expanding our values experience to build a digital platform to buy and sell gift cards, buying cards, discount cards in physical and digital form.  The selling platform called www.demodara.com mainly focus on international markets like Dubai and Gulf region, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America to sell local and international gift cards of  world famous and reputed brands.

Genius Software Engineering Solutions Ltd is a wireless security solution providing company based in the United Kingdom since 2009 with its subsidiaries, The Cube (UK) Ltd

(www.thecubewebhosting.com), one of the largest web hosting and cloud solution providing companies in the UK. Now we are expanding our knowledge and technology in SriLanka through the company, GEOID Information Technologies (GIT).

GEOID is formed by a group of professionals with previous records involved in monitoring, troubleshooting, implementing and manufacturing of GPS fleet management systems and customizable software solutions related to fleet management.

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